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Dr. Margaret Gradzka and the compassionate team at Advanced Arthritis Solutions in Fairfax, Virginia, appreciate that weight gain is sometimes a frustrating part of having an autoimmune or chronic inflammatory disorder. Creating an individualized plan that takes your disorder into consideration is an important part of successful, healthy weight loss. Call or book an appointment online with Dr. Gradzka today for your own personalized weight-loss plan.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why do certain disorders make weight loss difficult?

There are many possible reasons why weight loss may be harder for those who struggle with an inflammatory or autoimmune disorder, like lupus or fibromyalgia to name a few.

Factors that may contribute to your weight gain and then make losing that weight difficult include:

  • Pain: being in pain can make healthy eating and exercise very difficult
  • Medications: many drugs that treat inflammatory or autoimmune disorders have side effects that include weight gain
  • Hormones: these disorders often cause an imbalance in hormones that can make it very easy to gain weight and very difficult to lose it
  • Fatigue: inflammatory or autoimmune disorders can make an active lifestyle difficult
  • Slow metabolism: your condition may cause your body to hold on to fat easily and make it more difficult to burn it off
  • Lack of sleep: having chronic pain can often lead to poor sleep quality, which can contribute significantly to poor metabolism and fatigue

Is weight loss possible with an autoimmune or inflammatory disorder?

The good news is, yes. With careful attention to diet, a specialized exercise plan, and individualized nutrition supplementation, weight loss and healthy weight maintenance are possible.

At Advanced Arthritis Solutions, Dr. Gradzka draws on her knowledge and expertise to create an individualized weight-loss plan that will give you the best possible chance of successfully losing weight despite your autoimmune or inflammatory issues.

What are the advantages of a medically supervised weight-loss plan?

Dr. Gradzka and her staff work with you to create a weight-loss plan that fits your lifestyle and ability to be active, as well as your body’s needs. They take into consideration your limitations, side effects of treatments you may be receiving, and your body’s ability to respond to these interventions.

The parts of your weight-loss plan that Dr. Gradzka tailors to meet your unique needs include:

  • Diet: what constitutes healthy eating may vary from person to person
  • Nutritional supplements: you may not be able to get all the nutrition you need from food
  • Exercise plan: the limitations of your illness need to be considered in making a plan you can stick with

The Advanced Arthritis Solutions team is committed to creating an individualized plan that works for you so you can lose weight and keep it off for the long term.

Call or book an appointment online with Dr. Gradzka today to get your personal weight-loss plan started.